sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2012

Goals for my life:
How I want to be one year from now?
Weighing 72 pounds, and single

How I want to be in 5 years?
Remain thin, with my name clean and buying my land

How I want to be in 10 years?
Remain thin, living in my house, have my photo studio set up and pumping, and dating avery special person! Above all be very happy!

How am I going to accomplish all these goals?
1st Year 2012: Following fast in the RA and try to put a stop on my list .. how I can do that do not know just know I need to do this urgently ... Lord help me!

2nd Year 2013: Add a savings account with $ 30.00 per day
Refinance and pay all my debts at least one supplier for the month totaling 11,000.00 Iowe. I have faith in God that I will succeed .. I pay all my debts!

3rd Year 2014: Add a saving to the same value

4th Year 2015: Add a saving to the same value

5th Year 2016: Add a saving to the same value and start looking for land to buy

Year 6 2017: Buy some land and continue adding the savings but with 40.00 per day

7 Year 2018: Continue adding the savings of 40.00 per day

8 Year 2019: Continue adding the savings of 40.00 per day

9 Year 2020: Begin to build my house and my studio and continue my collecting 40.00 per day

10th Year 2021: My 40 years I have been living in my house furnished and given my clients in my studio ... living with my dogs and dating a wonderful person and especiallya man of God!

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